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Indian Bead Lariat Necklace

US$40.00 US$25.00
Indian bead lariat necklace featuring metallic and glass beads, with silver leaf toggle accented by natural Jumby seed.

Job’s Tear Choker

Dramatic three-ring choker made of Job's Tear seeds naturally hued from light grey to black. Accented with geometric onyx bead and silver Designs by Nadia dragonfly logo.

Job’s Tear Choker & Bracelet Set

US$50.00 US$25.00
A simple, lightweight choker and bracelet made with Job's Tear seeds on memory wire. Purchase as a set and take advantage of our sale price or buy individually - Choker $18 and bracelet $12.

Job’s Tear Earrings

Long-drop grass seed (Job's tear) earrings interlinked with coated wire, hung from traditional hook.

Jumby Bead Bracelet

These polychrome seeds make an eye-catching bracelet of red and black Jumby beads. They are closely connected with durable thin gauge coated wire. A lobster clasp and silver Designs by Nadia dragonfly logo complete the exotic look.

Jumby Bead Cascade

As the name suggests, Jumby beads cascade from a bar of driftwood, anchored in place by coated silver wire. The necklace is hung from black coated chord, with Jumby bead accents.

Jumby Bead Necklace

An extraordinary three-layer necklace of Jumby beads in mesmerizing natural red and black, connected with high strength, thin gauge wire. A T-bar clasp and silver Designs by Nadia logo finish off this necklace.

Jumby Bead Single-Drop Earrings

Also known as crab's eye or Rosary pea, these exotic, natural red/black seeds form a single-drop earring, linked through a hoop of coated aluminum wire, hung on a traditional shepherd's hook.

Jumby Bead Three-Drop Earrings

Also known as crab's eye or Rosary pea, these exotic, natural red/black seeds form a three-drop earring, interlinked with coated aluminum wire, hung on a traditional shepherd's hook.

Long Dangle Seed Earrings

US$25.00 US$10.00
A fun pair of light-weight long dangle, three-drop Jumby seed earrings connected with coated aluminum wire on a Shepherd hook. Black and red are natural colors of the Jumby seed.

Lucky Seed Bracelet with Teal Drop

Coated, honey colored Lucky seed bracelet with teal bead accent. Connected with high strength, light gauge wire, topped with silver findings and silver Designs by Nadia logo.

Lucky Seed Drop

Lucky seed neck hook, with single drop connected by durable wire. Green patina metallic heart, and pink glass bead accents complete this piece.

Lucky Seed Earrings

Double your fortune with these lucky seed earrings, hung from coated aluminum wire shepherd's hook.

Lucky Seed Hook with Teal

Simple, natural elegance characterizes this piece which features black anodized wire offset with imbalanced proportions of Lucky seeds, accented by a solitary teal bead.

Lucky Seed Necklace & Bracelet

A fully adjustable neck hook and bracelet combo made with bold Lucky Seeds. The effortless light-weight hook wire is anodized aluminum, with swirled ends.

Lucky Seed Necklace with Teal Drop

Lucky seed necklace featuring genuine driftwood and teal bead accent, hung on copper hued anodized link chain with lobster clasp.

Red Twisted Necklace

A bold cornucopia of red hued natural seeds, and glass beads coaxed into a unique show-stopper necklace, hung from a pewter twisted link chain.

Seed Bracelet

Grass seeds linked with coated aluminum wire and clasp.

Seed Earrings

Grass seed earrings hung on twisted design shepherd's hook made of coated aluminum.