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Fish Scale Bracelet

Cinnamon/beet fish scale bracelet connected by light gauge silver wire rings.

Fish Scale Bracelet Blue

Cobalt fish scales connected by wire rings on a gold plated bracelet and lobster clasp.

Fish Scale Necklace Orange

Apricot hued fish scales hung on anodized chain make a unique necklace, with toggle/t-bar clasp and dark Designs by Nadia dragonfly logo.

Fish Scale Necklace-Bracelet

An unbeatable two-in-one necklace which can also be worn as an eye-catching bracelet. Made from extremely light-weight, sustainably harvested fish scales, intertwined with bronze and gold sea glass beads.

Fish Scale Offset Earrings

Offset hand-painted fish scale earrings.

Floating Earrings

Three-drop floating fish scale earrings available in a variety of colors (here featured in ebony) linked by robust thin wire, hung on a shepherd's hook.

Floating Earrings with Crystal or Pearls

Floating emerald fish scale earrings, with crystal (or your choice of pearl) beads nestled atop each scale, interlinked with thin, robust wire, hung on a traditional shepherd's hook.

Floating Scales

Hear the ocean in this sea themed necklace featuring dark amber floating fish scales suspended from wave caressed driftwood. Silver wire accents anchor the coated black cord of this necklace.

Long Drop Fish Scale Earring

A long drop fish scale earring in ivory and bronze/gold, with golden sea glass beads, paired with a single stud fish scale makes for a bold statement.

Natural Fish Scale Necklace

Natural state, no color, fish scale necklace hung with metal chain.

Rose Gold Fish Scale Necklace

A magnificent hand-painted rose-gold fish scale necklace dangled from teal aged metallic branch, connected to medium gauge gold link chain. A light-weight, contemporary design, perfect for your special occasion.

Rose Gold Fish Scale Pendant

An ode to poise and panache, this rose gold fish scale pendant can be worn traditionally at the front. But if you have that backless top or dress you wanted to pair with something - this is it. Sustainably harvested, hand-painted fish scales, linked with teal, oxidized metallic piece.