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Amorphous cut wood earrings affixed to gold colored hooks.

3-Drop Stone Earrings

Earrings made of onyx colored stones with yellow and blue flecked beaded accents.

Beaded Lariat Necklace

Mardi gras and Caribbean sea come together in this beautifully eclectic lariat necklace with solver toggle accent, and whimsical starfish.

Colored Stone Necklace

Necklace featuring varicolored stones from lime to black-olive, connected by bronze hued link-chain.

Coral Stone/Glass Earrings

Sun-bleached porous coral stone cylinders top these contemporary earrings with red twig glass accents.


Variety of color-blocked, offset, single and two-drop earrings from our Designs by Nadia collection.

Epaulet with Matching Earring

Put a twist on the traditional necklace with this single shoulder epaulet with matching earring, inspired by Saint Lucia's national flag. Made from a fun collection of glass beads - blue, yellow, and white - hung on coated aluminum wire. Perfect for a sweetheart neckline, or strapless top. Bend it. Twist it. Make it your own.


Anodized black neck hook featuring bendy ends supporting kiln fired clay accents, anchored with light gauge silver wire.

Leather & Chain Necklace

A bold leather and aluminum link chain necklace, guaranteed to turn heads. Features a hand sanded coconut shell accent, tying together all of the elements in one of our most interesting statement pieces.

Long Dangle Seed Earrings

A fun pair of light-weight long dangle, three-drop Jumby seed earrings connected with coated aluminum wire on a Shepherd hook. Black and red are natural colors of the Jumby seed.

Mask Holder Necklace

Jewelry for the times - leather & chain necklace with face-mask holder. Look stylish while adhering to health & safety protocols.

Metal/Stone Earrings

Turtle back shaped earrings hung on shepherd's hook, with iridescent mother-of-pearl and rose metal bead accents.